重要更新:由於開發者自身的問題,Shadowrocket 2.2.48 在 iOS 和 iPadOS 上無法翻牆連接,具體問題涉及 WebSocket 請求頭和 ALPN 設置。在 2.2.50 版本中,該問題已得到修復,用戶可以順利建立連接。請更新至最新版本以確保正常使用。

iOS/iPadOS Users:
Important Update: Due to issues in Shadowrocket version 2.2.48, users on iOS and iPadOS faced difficulties establishing connections due to WebSocket request headers and ALPN settings. In version 2.2.50, these issues have been resolved, ensuring smooth connectivity for all users.

Please update to version 2.2.50 for proper usage.

星期五, 5 月 10, 2024

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